Shannon Red Barn Farm


The property that is known as Shannon Red Barn Farm today, was homesteaded in the early 1870’s.
Subsequent owners, among others, included notable Coloradans William Davidson, Henry Teller and W.A.H. Loveland, as well as the Rosenbaum, Hodgson, Andre, and Wood families. 

The Shannon brothers, Frank and Roy, purchased the property in 1918, after returning to Boulder County from World War I.  Since that time the land has continually been used for agricultural purposes, including cropping of hay and sugar beets.  The Shannon brothers operated a large Holstein dairy.  They sold milk and eggs, and cultivated vegetables and flowers, grapes and a fruit orchard. 

Mrs. Rhodora Shannon was not only a farm wife, but she was a teacher at Valmont School, she started a Sunday School at Canfield, she was a musician and a music teacher and she was Boulder’s first lady taxi driver.  The Shannon’s attended the Valmont Presbyterian Church and held church and community socials at the farm. 

Sylvia Manchester, Mrs. Shannon’s niece, inherited the farm in 1949.  Sylvia and her husband, Herman Manchester, lived on a farm at 75th and Valmont.  They rented Shannon farm to tenant farmers until Sylvia sold Shannon Farm in 2000.
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